Business Management with a minor in International Business


International Business in a career for entrepreneurs and senior executives specialized in business management in the global market:

The program of studies allows its students to obtain the knowledge to develop and manage companies that operate both nationally and internationally. They will also know the processes to create international expansion strategies where you can direct and create your own company, participate in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions processes, as well as being part of international negotiation teams.

The preparation of the student also focuses on the exchange of knowledge and research in new markets, which is why the program is designed for academic experiences outside of Guatemala, where international markets and businesses are at the forefront of trends.

In this career the student acquires knowledge, techniques and negotiation faculties to lead the management of the same before world-class executives in companies and multinational corporations.

Upon graduation the student will be ready to internationalize companies, obtaining diverse options of professional performance of high level with high possibility of professional location. In the companies will be ready to join management teams, negotiation, finance, corporate valuation, corporate strategy and especially in the international division of imports and exports.

The professional placement options for the international business area is facilitated by the relationship our students develop during their professional practices in prestigious companies.

The student of the Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialty in International Business is one who:

  • He is known as a “citizen of the world”. His vision goes beyond the borders of his country of residence.
  • Start, run your own company and generate work.
  • He is multidisciplinary, able to get involved in several areas of the company and generate value judgments to each one of them.
  • He works nationally and internationally, in a multidisciplinary team and lead it.
  • He knows the latest trends in the global market, allowing him to master them and take advantage of them.
  • Consolidates mathematical, administrative and financial knowledge that allows the development of efficient projects.
  • He is able to interpret the demands of the current market with the aim of providing bilateral solutions with an international vision.


The Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialty in International Business is for 4 years. The first two years are from Monday to Friday from 6:50 am to 1:00 pm and the last two years, from Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Throughout this, the student will mix theoretical teaching with professional practice in the best companies related to the career. The curriculum of studies provides a solid knowledge in the professional field and new trends guaranteeing the necessary comprehensive preparation of your preference both nationally and internationally, which is why 95% of our graduates have a job related to their career at the moment to be titled

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