Business Management with a minor in Finance

The career prepares you to perform as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a multinational or national company; You can also be a financial consultant; participate as a manager in any financial institution or as an independent entrepreneur.

As a graduate you will have a comprehensive vision of the company, understanding very well the strategic relationship between the finances of the company and all areas of it to generate value; clearly identifying the risks to which the company is exposed and how to properly manage these risks. In essence, we prepare you to be innovative, a leader and with a long-term vision.

You will be the key person within the organization, capable of performing the following activities:

  • Financial planning
  • Structure of working capital (banks, investors, bond issuance)
  • Financial control:
  • liquidity ratios, good use of resources, profitability of the company)
  • Financial decision making:
  • Investments, budgets.
  • Financial management is the key position in companies, having high demand and high remuneration. The graduate of the specialty in finance of the UNIS, will have the necessary tools for the strategic development of the finances of the company.


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