Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with minor in Marketing

This career brings together the building blocks of strategic plans according to brand positioning and sales for the consumption of market goods.

In the marketing major, the student is prepared to perform as a successful professional in the area related to the creation and management of brands. The student will be able to deep dive into specific topics such as consumer

awareness; product creation, market introduction, and distribution; innovative strategies; pricing strategies; and marketing, among others.

Also, the study program of this career enables the students to understand key themes for mastering the market such as category management, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, branding and further topics which will expertly position the student to develop strategies, target consumers, launch new products into the market place and maximize sales.

About the students of the Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing:

– They have the competencies and tools needed to create, manage and participate in the marketing area of national and multinational companies.
– They are capable and have the knowledge to manage a marketing department.
– They have the creative qualities to manage companies in the media industry such as advertising agencies, media, market research agencies, and lithography, among others.
– They start and run their own businesses and generate employment.
– They are multidisciplinary, able to get involved in the different areas of a company and capable of making value judgments.
– They work nationally and internationally on multidisciplinary teams and are able to lead it.
– They know the latest market industry trends that allow them design strategies related to consumer behaviors and psychology.
– They possess knowledge in math, administration and financing allowing them to develop projects efficiently.
– They set high goals according to their personalities and preferences. They are master researchers for developing market strategies. They are creative masters in product development, services and advertising.
– They are master communicators for sales and public relations.
– They possess a desire to serve in order to specialize themselves in product development and commercialization.

Duration of studies:

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing is a four-year degree. The first two years have the following schedule: from Monday to Friday from 6:50 AM to 1:00 PM. The schedule for the last two years of studies is from Monday to Friday from 2:00 to 8:00 PM. During this time, students will experience a combination of lectures and professional practice within the best companies related to this major.

The study curriculum provides solid knowledge in the professional field and new trends that guarantee a holistic preparation for the student at national and international levels. We are proud that 95% of our graduates have a job related to their major upon graduation as a result of this very successful program.

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