Bishop Universtity

Yassine Nassiri, 2018, BBA Finance
I am strongly considering pursuing a Master’s degree in financial engineering to pursue my goal of becoming a quantitative analyst. I also have a strong interest in artificial intelligence and am contemplating doing scientific research on the subject in the future. “I am more than grateful for the opportunity to take part in NIBS, which will enable me to garner experience and knowledge benefiting my future endeavors. I am thankful for the support of our alumni and the school for financing the trip to Guatemala and for believing in our team’s aptitude to honor Bishop’s established tradition of excellence at NIBS.”

Daniel Disipio, 2018, BBA Accounting
My career aspiration is to start a hockey academy in Hong Kong and then eventually start building a real estate empire worldwide. “Representing Bishop’s at NIBS in Guatemala is an honour and it will provide us with an opportunity to showcase our knowledge to the other universities attending. Your support is greatly appreciated, as this couldn't happen without you. We will represent Bishop’s to the best of our abilities.”

Ryan Laushway, 2018, BBA Marketing and Entrepreneurship
After graduation, I to plan to move to Vancouver and work as a consultant for a digital marketing agency. I have worked at a marketing agency in Ottawa for the past 3 summers and plan to take the skills and experience I have learned and transition that into a career in that field. I am particularly interested in consulting in the ski resort and ski equipment industries as this is a large passion of mine. I am also very interested in traveling the world with the possibility of working and living abroad for the near future. “I am thrilled to be participating on the NIBS team this year and traveling to Guatemala; somewhere I have never had the opportunity or might not have had to opportunity to visit in my lifetime. Thanks to the generous support from our dedicated alumni, I will be a part of an academically driven and motivated group of likeminded individuals and be able to compete on a global stage. I am also excite to highlight the Williams School of
Business' strengths and abilities in the form of an academic case competition. Thank you for your support and believing in us to continue Bishop’s well established reputation in this fierce competition.”

Malcolm Sharpe, 2018, BBA Accounting
After completing my degree at Bishop’s, I am moving to Montreal to work for PwC as a staff accountant. I plan on pursuing my CPA designation and one day make it as a partner in the firm. “I am excited to have the opportunity to be a member of the Bishop’s University NIBS
team this year. With your support, we will be able to represent Bishop’s on an international level and showcase the skills and knowledge we have learnt in and out of the classroom. Having the opportunity to go to Guatemala and compete against international universities is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you for allowing us to focus on preparation and not fundraising.”

Robert Palmer, Coach
Dr. Robert J. Palmer is a full professor in the area of Strategy and Management. After completing his B.S.Sc and Masters in Human
Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, he completed his Ph.D in marketing at Michigan State University under Dr. Edward Mahoney.
His research interests include relationship marketing, strategic change management, data analytics, consumer behaviour and social media. He has obtained over 10 million dollars in research grants and has worked for a number of governments and fortune 100 companies in relation to Strategic marketing and management. In addition to his teaching and research, he is the Head Coach of all case study competition teams and has won over 5 events globally.