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Krisztián Irmai (BBS | team member)
I am Krisztián Irmai a student of Budapest Business School, where I study Tourism and Hotel Management. I am mostly interested in finances and sales in this area. I used to play football for 12 years where I learnt the true meaning of team-work, the importance of endurance. I was able to experience how to stand up from deep situations.
Now I am the president of a talent-based student organisation, where we make our own decisions on our own risks. We can manage our own team and we define our own paths of learning.

Edit Bernadett Berkes (BBS | team member)
Bernadett is a student of a 4 th year Bachelor of International Business Economics in French at the College of International Management and Business of Budapest Business School.
She is interested in Finance, Logistics and foreign languages (English and French). She spent one semester as an Erasmus exchange student in France at the University of Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens. As an active member of ‘Külker’ College for Advanced Studies she takes part in the organization of professional lectures and debates and she has participated in different student competitions in the field of Economics and Finance. She plans to pursue a career in Finance.


Left to right: Kornél Őry, Róbert Bene, Edit Bernadett Berkes, Krisztián Irmai


Róbert Bene (BBS | team member)
Róbert is studying management and business administration at the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy of Budapest Business School. He is mostly interested in marketing, management, finance and foreign languages.
He is an active member of Lámfalussy Sándor College for Advanced Studies, where he takes part in professional courses and he has already participated in different case study competitions. He works as a demonstrator at the professorship of economics, where he gains a lot of useful experiences and it also helps him broaden his knowledge in this field. After graduation he plans to continue his studies and gain a masters degree.

Kornél Őry (BBS | team member)
Kornél is an undergraduate student currently in his last year, studying Business Administration with a Statistics major. His main interests are project management, event organizing and e-business. His experience mostly came from working in SME environment in the entertainment industry.
Complex problem solving interests him since his first case competition in 2016. Since then, he was involved in several competitions in the field of controlling and strategic management.

István Juhász (BBS | coach)
István is a co-founder at Case Solvers, a 5-year old HR & training solution provider with track record in 27 countries. He has also gained experience as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.
He mostly enjoys working with and developing talents. His areas of expertise are problem solving, case studies, consulting, Y generation, HR & employer branding, and international expansion.


Krisztián Irmai, Róbert Bene, Edit Bernadett Berkes, Kornél Őry