International Business Academy

Maddy Le Saux, 23, from the UK is a self-motivated and hard-working individual. She has always loved experiencing new cultures and learning languages, from childhood when she moved to France from the UK, to adulthood when she relocated to Denmark to pursue a double bachelor in International Sales & Marketing and in Business Management and Marketing. Maddy’s experience in the Learning & Development department of a major London-based hospitality company fuelled her interest in the field of human resources and cultural competencies, where she intends to establish her future career. Her leisure activities include reading, travelling, yoga and socialising with friends.

Didde Skødt, 26, Falk from Denmark is currently studying International Sales and Marketing Management. Her passion for travelling, interest in other cultures and her adventurous soul has sent her around the globe for the past few years. Lately, she did an exchange semester in Heilbronn followed by an internship in New Zealand – working as a marketing assistant at a Community Centre and focusing on improving the internal and external communication – this is also wherein her strengths are. She enjoys challenging herself and has successfully participated in several marketing competitions. Besides studying, she enjoys family time, nature and exploring.

Maximilien Jacquemin, 24, born in Brussels, and fed on chocolate, waffles, mussels and fries is an international student pursuing a triple bachelor’s degree across Belgium and Denmark. Therefore, he has spent the last two years in Belgium, studying in French and Dutch. Passionate about politics and business, he participated in February 2017 in a parliamentary simulation in Belgium, acting as the Minister of Justice, and took part in a Business game in Rome in March of
the same year. Last summer, he coupled his passion about business and travelling by taking a job as digital marketing consultant in Las Vegas.

Albert Elam (coach), Didde Skødt , Alla Rozova, Maddy Le Saux, , Jon Ording Haug (coach) and Maximilien Jacquemin.

Alla Rozova is originally from Russia, currently living and studying International Sales and Marketing Management in Denmark. Before coming to Denmark, she studied sociology at one of the biggest universities in Moscow – Finance University under the Government of Russian Federation and spent one semester as exchange student in Budapest, Hungary to gain international experience. Besides studies, she helps IBA Culture Life department to organize events for students. She is a huge football fan and enjoys playing sports in spare time, as much as reading classic literature and crime novels. She is a very passionate person and loves problem- solving tasks.

Albert G. Elam (COACH) is a lecturer in Finance, Accounting, Strategy and Leadership at the IBA, specializing in International Finance. Before entering academia, he had a 23-year career in the United States Air Force achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and owned a small consulting firm for 27 years selling their client list in 2007. He enjoys music, movies, reading crime and action novels, basketball and American football.

Jon Ording Haug (COACH): Native Norwegian, lecturing in International Marketing and Sales, Strategy and Research Methods at IBA, Kolding. Experience from several international companies like LEGO, Sara Lee, Bestseller as head of Marketing. Working experience covers a wide area within marketing, sales and management, specializing in branding, consumer insight and communication. Specific interests in sailing and triathlon.