Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy

The Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy at Universidad del Istmo is a major that is revolutionizing the culinary world in Guatemala. Our professors are highly qualified professionals and the new campus offers one of the best infrastructures in the country. It has the highest technology, in which we provide cutting-edge educational programs that prepare our students to face greater challenges.

This bachelor’s degree is divided into five major areas: Administrative, Financial, Economic, Humanistic and Gastronomy, its main axis. Within our classrooms and laboratories, there is a combination of theoretical and practical classes, in which students apply all knowledge of science, art and technology in a product.

Our graduates will have the necessary skills to manage, control and direct a restaurant or kitchen brigades, provide consultancies, and advice and help generate creative diets to nutritionists. The main objective is to transform them into professionals capable of having their own gastronomic business.

Likewise, the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences has international agreements such as with Martin Berasategui and Disney International Program®, besides alliances with universities in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and England. The faculty is currently starting a system of international internships to provide the student a better job opportunity.

The student of the Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy is one who:

  • Has leadership skills to lead groups and achieve maximum coordination of these.
  • Has the mentality, skill and vision to lead and start a personal business in the gastronomic area.
  • Knows and presents the world and its cultures through the kitchen.
  • Is governed by a passion for quality and service focused on the person.
  • Is able to interpret the latest culinary trends to unify them with creativity and generate new ideas.
  • Is highly creative, imaginative, curious and enterprising.
  • Dares to try new techniques and gastronomic solutions for the presentation of new creations.
  • Expresses the pleasure to explore new culinary cultures and the origin of them.
  • Has interdisciplinary skills: human, scientific, gastronomic and administrative, as well as artistic and operational.
  • Respects and governs a production process to maintain hygiene and quality standards.


The Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy lasts 4 years -8 semesters-, from Monday to Friday from 6:50 AM to 3:00 PM.

Throughout this time, students will experience a combination of lectures and professional practice within the best companies related to this major. The study curriculum provides solid knowledge in the professional field and new trends that guarantee a holistic preparation for the student at national and international levels. We are proud that 95% of our graduates have a job related to their major upon graduation as a result of this very successful program.

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