London South Bank University

Leyddy Portas: Leyddy was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and has been living in the UK for over two years. She is in her 3rd year studying Business Administration and chose management science as her specialised pathway. She is currently a student ambassador for the University and after graduating she wants to further her education as a business analyst by taking an MBA. Looking further ahead, she aims to start her own business.

Fatima Laiq: Born and raised in Pakistan. Fatima is a 3rd year International student specialising in accounting and finance. She completed a placement year as an accounts trainee and alongside her studies is now working as a Finance Assistant.  She is also an elected International Students Officer at London South Bank University. Fatima recently participated in University’s Sparks program and won funding to develop her business idea developing accountancy software. She aims to pursue her career as an auditor after graduation.

Omid Hosseini Tabar: Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Omid is a final year business student specialising in accounting and is a serving member of the UK Institute of Directors. Working as an accounting and financial analyst for the start-up Keple, Omid plans on building towards a career in corporate strategy and business consultation. His interests are playing football and politics.

Omid Tabar. Christina Anderl (coach), Leyddy Portas, Fatima Laiqu , Anthony Schrauwen and John Warwick (coach)

Anthony Schrauwen: Born in Belgium, Anthony is a final year marketing student. After finishing high school, Anthony decided to make his business management education truly international by studying his first year in Barcelona, his second year partially in Belgium and the South of France and is taking the final year of his bachelor’s degree in London. Anthony is looking forward to further developing his language skills and intercultural interaction.

Jon Warwick (Coach): Born in London, Jon is Professor of Educational Development in the Mathematical Sciences within the School of Business and has more
than 30 years teaching and research experience in mathematical modelling and business education.

Christina Anderl (Coach): Born and raised in Germany and employed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Economics at London South Bank University, Christina teaches international business, financial economics and econometrics. Prior to joining the university, she worked in the foreign exchange market on margin adjustments and derivative pricing. Christina is the Business School lead for the Institute of Directors student membership scheme and is currently studying for a PhD in Economics.