Maestría en Diseño Gráfico con especialidad en área a elegir

The Master’s program in Graphic Design is aimed at people who have obtained a degree in graphic design or related careers, who wish to complement their professional training and obtain the qualification that qualifies them to aspire to the incorporation in the countries, where the master’s degree is requirement to exercise. This program also allows you to obtain a specialization in a subject chosen by the student, with which you can develop your professional practice in a specific field.

The curriculum of the Master’s Program in Graphic Design is structured in MODULES, which are organized in two parts simultaneously:

The first, is common for all students regardless of the chosen specialty, addresses design in general and is taught by national and international professors of high profile and prestige from educational institutions of global excellence.
The second is the specialty training, this consists of the personal learning of the knowledge necessary to be an expert in the area that each student has chosen.
The specialty is achieved through different means such as: direct learning, research, laboratories or others, which will be guided by an expert teacher in the area, who works a personalized program for each student.

The 5 major thematic areas, which are developed in the modules are:

    • Design management
    • Process management
    • Creation and marketing of design companies
    • Project marketing
    • Design on the web
    • Multimedia technology
    • Digital and interactive design
    • Interfaces
    • Editorial design workshop
    • Corporate image design workshop
    • Digital and interactive design workshop
    • Social design workshop
    • Person and media culture
    • Social aspects of design
    • Professional ethics in the design activity
    • Philosophy of design
    • Theories of interpretation
    • Design methods
    • Critical design analysis
    • History of design

Throughout the master’s degree the participants deepen in the field of research, since they develop, in parallel and with personalized accompaniment, a research, essay or project work, related to the subject of the course and focused on the specialty chosen by the student in the Master’s Program. The compilation of the works will be the basis for the thesis, which becomes your graduation project.

Professionals with a degree: 15 modules (3 semesters)

Professionals with BA or BS: 20 modules (4 semesters)

The registration to the Program can be at the beginning of any module, that is, you can register every month, since the modules are designed so that they are not prerequisites of the previous module.

A compatible schedule has been designed for professional workers. The student must only present two weeks each month and during those 2 weeks, he attends at a time from 18 to 21hrs.