To carry out our mission, we have outstanding faculty who are not only subject matter experts but also active in the business environment, which guarantees the integration of theoretical teaching with professional practice.

This educational program has resulted in the majority of our graduates obtaining management positions in the most prestigious companies of our country as well as overseas.

The school is highly selective of its professors and seeks the best professionals that not only stand out in their field but they are gifted teachers and communicators. Each hire must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Professional excellence: a good mastery of the subject being taught supported by the working experience (professional career, publications, etc) so that theory is enriched with broad practice.
  • Pedagogical excellence: capability for transferring knowledge, mainly for motivating students to learn.
  • Human excellence: based on the principle “the example drags”, the University requires that professors, in their practice of virtue, embody exemplary models of leadership. The professor´s example provides the moral authority to demand the same from students.
  • Institutional Solidarity: agrees to and identifies with the principles and aims that rule Universidad del Istmo, which are contained in the Ideology and the corresponding regulatory provisions.

Our professors exhibit youth and vitality in their constant drive for innovation and convey this to their students. They are characterized by the following:

  • Demonstrated creativity and innovation in their job performance
  • Professionalism and experience in their subject area
  • Continuous improvement of knowledge in the field in which they teach
  • Strong teaching methodology
  • Collaborative and team-oriented nature
  • Expertise in their subject areas, best practices, digital technologies among other aspects
  • Maintenance of high standards, professors know their work can only get better with practice

Commitment to continuous improvement in teaching technology, assessment, and pedagogy is provided by the faculty.

In addition, the collaboration agreements and exchange programs we have established with foreign universities insure that the faculty and curriculum of all our undergraduate and master’s degree programs of study remain current and competitive.