ISSN 2305-9729

Año X (2018), No. 19

Sociedad, sociedad civil y participación ciudadana


The dual role played by the state in investment agreements, as well as during arbitration procedures, can continually challenge investors who have decided to initiate proceedings against a State based on treaty obligations. According to state supremacy, the state rests upon a higher level when in any procedure, higher than that of private parties, whether being a national or a foreigner, and frequently, the State adopts basic reactions to possible challenges of the investors who have decided to initiate international arbitration.   In this study, the author will investigate those challenges presented to the parties during the proceedings and the ways in which the courts have dealt with the principle of equality of arms to level the parties.


The term civil society continues to be built in the field of sociology. The expression developed from the seventeenth century with contractualists Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau. Tocqueville gave him another direction by observing how democracy worked in America. Not only the State, but also civil society must ensure the rule of law in a society. Later Durkehein, Weber, Simmel and Pareto gave a new twist to the concept. It is necessary to promote an orderly citizen participation and for this it is necessary to educate civil society especially in the principles of subsidiarity, participation and solidarity.


  1. Introducción
  2. Nociones de Sociedad
  3. Génesis del término Sociedad Civil
  4. Sociedad Civil, Estado de Derecho y Ciudadanía
  5. Sociedad Civil y Educación
  6. Sociedad Civil, subsidiaridad y participación
  7. Participación Ciudadana
  8. Sociedad Civil y Solidaridad