Bachelors in psychology: An opportunity to learn internationally within the industrial, clinical and educational field.

Publicado por: Isabella Elizondo
Ariadna Morales

One of the main goals of Universidad del Istmo (UNIS) is to prepare students to be able to work in any country and manage field concepts in an international language (English). This is why the Faculty of Humanities improved their pensum and now teaches classes in English, taking advantage of the Baccalaureatus Scientiae Generalis in Psychology they receive when graduating from their degree. This allows them to be well prepared to read, understand and manage research in English and apply later on, to an international degree. 

This new approach is an opportunity to expand their knowledge. Ariadna Morales, a student in Sophomore year in Educational Psychology in Special Needs, explains that thanks to this new methodology she is capable of learning technical vocabulary and more information that is only available in English

The Psychologist, Daniela Moreno teaches Developmental Psychology, which is about adult development and aging, starting from the emerging adulthood all the way to the latest stages of life. At the end of the semester the students will be able to recognize the cognitive and social-emotional changes that occur throughout adulthood.

“Taking these classes gives us an advantage, because the skills we are learning are desirable in the working space,” says María Isabel Guzman, a student in Senior year in Clinical Psychology. But every great chance comes with a big challenge. Doing the activities, exams and presentations in another language represents a difficulty for her, being able to translate her thoughts and ideas in English takes time and dedication. However, she realizes that by doing this she will prepare her skills and become a better professional. 

“It is highly valuable for the students to know how to analyze the situations and be capable of creating a sustainable project,” explains Ligia Briz, who teaches Entrepreneurship. She also commented the value of having a course which purpose is to raise awareness and motivate students to undertake and improve the countries mental health situation. 

This is the first year students will receive this classes in English and this is a new opportunity to test and improve their skills in this international language.